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about us

SchmidtDipps was created to make healthy food taste great! We bring you healthy, gluten free snacks that don’t have an aftertaste of guilt. You feel good eating them and feeding them to your family. The first Dipp we're offering is hummus in regular flavors and dessert flavors: classic, everything bagel, roasted red pepper., chocolate and pumpkin spice (available September - November). Over time we plan to add to the selection by offering more hummus flavors and other clean-eating and gluten-free Dipps.

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Tracy schmidt

Tracy is the Dipp maker and strives to create healthy food that tastes great. She started her healthy lifestyle journey in 2001 researching ways to eat healthier to live longer. Making small changes along the way and trying out new recipes is what lead her to try hummus. Knowing that food tastes better and is better for you when made from scratch, Tracy started making her own hummus which is when the classic flavor was born.

The fuel behind this journey was suffering from her own digestive issues and losing her parents to devastating diseases - her Dad in 1999 to complications of rheumatoid arthritis and her Mom in 2001 to pancreatic cancer. By changing her diet and eating habits, Tracy is off all digestion-related medications. She continues researching healthy recipes, tweaking them, and trying them out on friends and family.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, Tracy also works out regularly. She lifts weights, does cardio and yoga. She especially likes working out with her personal trainer husband, Ryan.  


ryan schmidt


Ryan is a personal trainer and owner of SchmidtFitt Customized Personal Training. He trains clients in the personal training studio in their house in West Chester. He works one on one with clients to help them achieve their goals. The private studio is a place away from distractions, allowing the workouts to be customized and challenging to maximize the time and effort of each client's investment. Ryan is the support behind Tracy and SchmidtDipps. To learn more about Ryan and SchmidtFitt  visit his website: